Where Art Touches Life.
Where Art Touches  Love.

Everyone wants a pretty picture, right! Pinterest shows us this fact, and we strive for the pretty picture, in particular, our JOY is to provide you with high-end photography on your most special day for a lifetime of beautiful memories. FULL STOP.....

Just kidding. That's not the end of the story... well, it kind of is except we want MORE than just the pretty picture. That IS our bottom line, but we'd love to share with you how we do that. 

We call this DOCUTORIAL Photography (that's copyrighted us. Seriously, we googled it, and it's not out there.)
Side note: we also considered Journatorial Photography, but it sounded a little too close to janitorial or urinal, as well as being a little on the tricky side to say so we ixnayed that one.

Docutorial...It's our unique mix of Photojournalistic/Documentary style and Editorial style photography.  Photojournalistic being defined as the practice of communicating news by photographs. At weddings, this means documenting your day as it happens with little interaction to manipulate the moments. It is not fake news, it is how your day really played out. Editorial is still storytelling like the photojournalism. However, it can be manipulated by the scenery and creating a moment instead of just allowing it to happen to tell the story you want to convey.

We document your day in a storytelling way and artistically capture the details you've spent hours, nay, months working on; as well as portraying your essence as a couple. It's perfect amounts of spontaneous
and controlled moments. Think Jack Sparrow meets the red carpet, Johnny Depp. It'd be a beautiful thing. Or Jeff Goldblum. Just Jeff Goldblum.